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Los Angeles' Premier Luxury Boudoir Photography Studio


Reclamation Boudoir and our all female team offers a luxury photo shoot and fine portrait photography IN A SUMPTUOUS STUDIO SETTING in SANTA MONICA, CA.

This is your chance to reclaim your body from the negative messaging we women have heard all of our lives. 


This is your moment to step into your power.

To see how beautiful you already are.

This is your time.


Bodoir Portfolio


What if you could actually see how beautiful you already are?

What would happen if you decided to celebrate and care for yourself and the magnificent body you live in, even when, for whatever reason, there is a little voice that says you shouldn't?


What would change for you if you could take back control of how you see your body and yourself?

And what if you didn't let nerves or fear or anything stand in the way?


All of our clients are everyday women, and 99% of our clients have never done something like this before!


It took courage to do something so far out their comfort zone-

But don't all things worth while take a little courage?

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"The first look of the picture behind the camera was so crazy to me, it was amazing"

"I'm not very confident, and I don't have a lot of confidence in my own skin, and you helped me with that...I felt confident and I felt very comfortable during the entire photoshoot."

"I was super was incredibly easy, the first (set) I got over my awkwardness...we got into a rhythm of things"


Professional & Custom


Professional  hair and makeup

PrIVATE Image Reveal

Posing Guidance for duration of the shoot


Wardrobe Prep & Consultation


"I'm so awkward in front of the camera! How will I know what to do?"

One of my favorite things I ever hear clients say is that I made them feel safe and comfortable.  An amazing session, or a beautiful photo of you looking at the camera- neither are possible without you feeling safe and comfortable.  So that's the first thing.  Also, I have a fabulous posing system and will walk you through literally every pose, including what to do with your hands, feet, facial expression, and even where to look.  Not having to figure out what to do will help you to get into your body and into a space where you're feeling your best.  You don't have to do anything else but show up, be pampered, and have fun!

"What about retouching? Are these photos retouched?"

Professional retouching is included with all purchases.  Many of my clients choose a light skin smoothing and/or other minor requests, some want more, and a good portions want no retouching at all.  Retouching for me is personal.  I think of it a little like makeup. Some days I wear makeup, and sometimes I don't.  Whether or not I am wearing it has nothing to do with how I feel about myself, and it's really not anyone's business what I do with my makeup!  I feel the same when it comes to photography. These photos are for you, and you deserve to have your photos done in the aesthetic you like.  While I will not alter beyond recognition, I am totally open to discussing what you have in mind.  Whether you're looking for completely retouched, or light and color corrections only, it is your decision, and we will figure out together what works best for you.

"Do I have to do my own hair and makeup?"

Nope! I have a fabulous hair and makeup artist who will do yours at the studio directly before the shoot, or if you prefer a blowout to hot tool styling, I offer a complimentary blowout 5 minutes from my studio in Santa Monica. 

"I'd really like to tone up before my boudoir session"

I can totally appreciate this! Being in a consistent workout routine feels amazing! I can also say with certainty that lighting and posing like I do for my boudoir shoots will change your photos more than working out for 3 months will do.  I definitely encourage the workouts because they are just good for the body overall, don't get me wrong! But don't let it hold you back from doing a shoot that you want to do.  Furthermore, I have seen again and again women who did't wait to spend that time at the gym, and they were so incredibly happy they didn't because choosing to honor yourself where you are is the most powerful choice you can make.


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Schedule Your Consultation

It is important to Allison to connect with every client, make sure all questions are answered, and get all the information possible to ensure we can plan the shoot of you dreams.

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Your Boudoir Session

Leading up to the shoot, you will have your wardrobe consult and get all of the info on prep you need! After being pampered in hair and makeup, I will guide and demonstrate all poses and facial expressions


Reveal & Ordering

You get to see all of your images and order the ones you love! (This is one of Allison's favorite parts of the process - seeing you see yourself! It's incredibly powerful!)



The most rewarding part of being a boudoir photographer is seeing women go through the process of preparing for the shoot, going through with it, and seeing their images. 
The joy and emotion that they evoke turns the images into priceless keepsakes they have for themselves.  More importantly, the feelings they get from the photos live inside them and become a part of who they are.  Have a look below, and what more women have to say HERE.

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"Doing this shoot reminded me that I am powerful."

Doing this shoot reminded me that I am powerful. Amid the madness of the world and significant life-changing events this year, I am grateful to have the experience to reconnect with my body and spirit.

My favorite part of the session was the time Allison takes to get to know who you are and what you want. I loved the trust and comfort we built before the session. It really helped me express myself in a more personal and vulnerable way (just as I hoped!)

Ms. J

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 "Allison does an incredible job at coaching you through the poses and helping you feel confident"

She provided such in-depth information prior to our session with where to shop and how to prepare for my sessions. She made me feel comfortable, safe, and we just had FUN! I felt so beautiful!

Not only was the session fun, but the photos also turned out gorgeous! Allison does an incredible job at coaching you through the poses and helping you feel confident. Allison was great to work with along the entire way! After the session, we reviewed the photos together and she was always in communication with me. I would 11/10 recommend her over and over!

Ms. J


"Allison really captured the moments so well and made me feel so safe throughout it all"

I have always struggled with being comfortable in my body, and when I recently got engaged I thought this would be a nice gift for my fiance. Well, it turned out that this was more a gift to myself. I felt so beautiful and in my skin. It was a gift to myself and something that I will cherish for a long time.

My favorite part of the session was seeing how beautiful I looked after taking the first shot! It was kind of an emotional experience and Allison really captured the moments so well and made me feel so safe throughout it all.

Ms. H

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"Doing this shoot and seeing myself definitely boosted my confidence"

I had never done a boudoir shoot before.  I felt hesitant at first because I am at times insecure about my weight gain over the years.  I decided to do it to help me love and embrace the body I have now. 


Doing this shoot and seeing myself definitely boosted my confidence and contributed in the building of my love for self. I love all of the direction Allison provided!

Ms. B



Hi, I'm Allison! I'm a professional boudoir photographer in Los Angeles- but don't worry, I travel, and also offer travel packages.

I photograph women - mothers, sisters, wives, friends, professionals, students, homemakers, you name it.  The birth of my first son, which took place in my home, radically changed my perception of ALL women.  We are so incredibly powerful, though so many of us become separated from that truth.

I feel in my soul that the work I do with my clients is important. I care about people, and I care about how people are affected by society.  We are bombarded all day with messages about how we are, and how we should be different.  The women who I work with are able to feel what it's like to reclaim their bodies, sexuality and sensuality, so that they can feel beautiful, sexy, and confident- seeing THAT process is worth everything to me.

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