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"I Have Been Too Hard on Myself For Too Long and I’m Done"

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

When a client writes "My body has never been the ideal type that society embraces" and "I’m stepping into my light and no longer dimming it for anyone" in the same paragraph, I get reminded just wow powerful this work really is.

Is it an amazing day of glamour and pampering, where we capture tons of gorgeous images of yourself? Yes, yes it is. But something shifts for clients on the inside after they do a session.

Miss L expressed how moving her experience was from beginning to end, and I am so pleased to share it with you!

I just wanted to share my continued excitement and joy! I had my viewing session with Allison from my boudoir shoot. I am still in awe!! As soon as Allison shared the first image with me I felt so many emotions, the good kind!

This shoot helped me see myself in a new light. In a way I have never experienced before. I almost couldn’t believe it was me. I realized Monday that I have been too hard on myself for too long and I’m done. I’m stepping into my light and no longer dimming it for anyone.

My first intention for this investment was to gift this to my fiancé as a wedding gift, BUT my second and most important intention is to keep this as an heirloom for the future women in my family.

My body has never been the ideal type that society embraces. I never believed my body could be sexy. I’m so grateful for the body positivity movement we have now but when I was growing up that wasn’t a thing. I want the future women in my family to see that their regular old grandma embraced her curves and loose skin. I’m already thinking about the long story I will tell them before they see the album.

If you’re on the fence about booking your shoot, do it! The whole experience was great! I felt so safe, sexy, and beautiful! Allison thank you for that experience, I felt so validated the whole shoot and it shows in the pictures! I will never forget it!

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