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Don't Book a Boudoir Photographer Without Knowing These 10 Things

I have seen a TON of posts lately from women who are encouraging other women to do a boudoir session- I can't say how happy this makes me! Literally every woman deserves to feel confident and powerful and sexy. I'm over the moon that boudoir has gone mainstream, since it is the way to capture your confidence and reclaim your beauty! But something I'm not seeing is tips on how to know you have the right boudoir photographer for you. While it's one of the most fun and exciting things you will ever do, it's also a very intimate experience. Booking the right boudoir photographer makes all the difference in ensuring you leave your session feeling like an absolute smoke show, and getting stunning images that you'll literally cherish for a lifetime. I really want you to feel amazing after your session, so here's the 10 most important things to know before booking a boudoir photographer!

Boudoir Experience: Specialization Matters

If you're seeking a confidence-boosting experience with various posing options, it's critical to work with someone who specializes in boudoir photography and has substantial experience. I know this sounds heavy! But there are so many reasons for this. For one, their expertise will allow them to lead you through the session. This will make you feel more comfortable, and nobody is getting stunning boudoir images without feeling comfortable! An experienced boudoir photographer has worked with women who have all different types of insecurities, all different comfort levels, energy levels, physical capabilities and can navigate these things effortlessly. They will also be able to incorporate your vision into your session, making sure you have plenty of images to choose from!

Testimonials: Gather a Variety of Feedback

Make sure you look beyond the typical Google or Yelp reviews! Boudoir photographers often have video testimonials on their social media channels or website. Hearing directly from past clients gives you a better idea of what to expect. These videos provide firsthand accounts from clients, giving you a more complete idea of their experience.

Posing Expertise: Guidance Every Step of the Way

During a boudoir session, posing can truly make or break the experience. I cannot emphasize how important it is that you feel confident that your photographer has the ability to guide you through each pose, from head to toe. Nothing will dampen the your vibe more than feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to pose! An experienced boudoir photographer will provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions, making you feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. Remember, the goal is to embrace and experience your beauty, not stress about coming up with ideas on the spot.

Hair and Makeup: A Transformative Experience

Getting your hair and makeup done is such an important part of the boudoir photo shoot process! It's not just about looking a certain way; it's about feeling a certain way. A really good professional makeup artist does your makeup in a way that enhances your

confidence and serves as a powerful affirmation that you deserve to treat yourself. It also helps you settle into the space and establish a genuine connection with your photographer. This connection totally shines through in your close-up images because you can tap into a side of yourself that really brings your photos to life.

Portfolio: Do You See Yourself?

An experienced boudoir photographer for non models should have a diverse group of women to show. When you look at their portfolio - do you see women who have bodies that look similar to yours? And even more importantly- do you feel like they look beautiful in their images? Would you like images of yourself in those poses? These are poses that you will likely see yourself in, so answering these questions for yourself is important!

Do they Pass the Vibe Check?

This is pretty straight forward- when you talk with this person, how do you feel in your gut? Do you feel like you can speak openly with them? Or do you get an icky or uneasy feeling? Whether your call is before you book, or after, you will want to work with a photographer that will get on the phone with you. Even if their assistant or booking manager takes the initial call to book you, make sure that the photographer will at least make some time to chat for a couple of minutes before your session. It will go a long way come the day of your photo shoot.

Location: Where Will the Magic Happen?

When discussing the location, it's can be helpful to go beyond the city name and delve into the details. Is the studio solely owned by the photographer or do many people rent it out? There is no right or wrong answer here, just what you may prefer. Ask if images from the studio are on the website so you can get a sense of its ambiance and if it is the style you want for your own boudoir session. You will have these images for the rest of your life, so make sure they are in a space you love!

Communication and Connection: Establishing a Rapport

Before your boudoir session, it's essential to communicate with your photographer to establish a connection and build trust. Ideally, speaking to your photographer beforehand allows you to gauge whether you have a connection with them. Feeling at ease and excited about the photoshoot will significantly enhance your experience and the resulting images.Pay attention to how they make you feel during your conversations. Do they help alleviate any concerns or anxieties you may have? Do they give you extra guidance or tips if you need it? Ideally, speaking to your photographer beforehand allows you to gauge whether you have a connection with them. Feeling at ease and excited about the photoshoot will significantly enhance your experience and the resulting images.

Preparation: Assistance Every Step of the Way

There are SO many things to prepare for a boudoir session! A good boudoir photographer will provide guidance and support throughout the process. When clients book with Reclamation Boudoir they receive complete wardrobe guidance, as well as many tips on how to prepare both physically and mentally. We make sure to stay in touch with clients after they book right up until the day before their session. Other things to ask are can you reach out to them with any questions before your session? This is so important where wardrobe is concerned especially if you don't wear much lingerie. Getting all of your questions answered before you arrive at the studio ensures that you feel well-prepared and confident for your boudoir photo shoot.

Luxury Experience vs The Mini

One question to ask yourself is are you looking for a few hot photos, or are you looking for an unbelievably powerful experience where you leave feeling like you just won America's Next Top Model? Do you want to feel like an absolute bombshell? And have closeup photos looking right into the camera where you can see that is how you feel? I love taking hot photos- I am a boudoir photographer after all! And you can definitely get them in a mini session. I got a few in a mini session for myself I did once as research. What I didn't get was the experience I give my clients. I was not able to connect with my photographer, I could tell she was really on a tight schedule, and I didn't feel like it was tailored to me. I am NOT knocking mini sessions! There is 100% a time and a place for them! But if you are looking for the biggest dose of confidence you can feel in your soul, I'd recommend investing in a full all inclusive session for yourself. Trust me when I say you deserve it.

Booking a boudoir photographer is an investment in your self-esteem and a celebration of how absolutely beautiful and powerful your body is. I know it's a lot of information to take in! But you will absolutely be able to make an informed decision that leads to a transformative and empowering boudoir experience with the best boudoir photographer for you! If you are curious about a luxury boudoir session, click here!

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