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Miss L's Reclamation Boudoir Experience

Taking the leap to do a boudoir session is such a big thing for so many women. A lot of women aren't even sure what to ask when they start inquiring. To be trusted with such a vulnerable and intimate endeavor is a privilege I never take lightly. I'm so happy to hear Miss L felt that we could set the bar so highly for such a special shoot!

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before? If so, how did your shoot with Allison compare to your prior experience? Allison was my first experience.

What motivated or inspired you to do your boudoir shoot? Why was it important to you? I felt that it was important to love my body and this helped me with my confidence.

What was your favorite part of the session? How Allison was able to give me directions and I loved her vibe.

What did doing this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image? It made me appreciate who I am and increased my self love.

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different? I had no explanation, but I'm just glad that Allison set the bar and gave me an expectation with any photographer.

What was the best part of your experience? Would you change anything? Nothing. It was amazing!

How would you describe your images? How does it feel to have these images of yourself that you can keep forever? It's still a shock that the person in the photos is myself.

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