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Los Angeles' Premier Luxury Boudoir Photography Studio

With an all-female team, Reclamation Boudoir provides glamorous photoshoots and fine art portrait photography in our luxurious Santa Monica, CA studio.


It’s time to let go of society’s expectations, liberate yourself from the stigmas and stereotypes forced upon you, and embrace your authentic beauty unashamedly and without compromise.


It’s time to step into your power. 


See how beautiful you truly are.


This is YOUR time!

Bodoir Portfolio


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  • Empowers you to embrace and appreciate your beauty without shame or fear.


  • Instills you with the confidence to celebrate and cherish yourself and your body, regardless of any “insecurities” society has labeled you with.


  • Initiates you reclaiming authority over how you perceive your body and yourself.


  • Commences a life where nervousness, fear, or any other obstacle no longer hinders your progress.


  • Provides the absolute liberation you desire and a team of dedicated individuals ready to guide and support you every step of the way.





“The photos turned out incredible. I had such an amazing time.”

“I felt so powerful and sexy doing it. I cannot highly recommend you more. It was an amazing experience. Even the build up, the check ins you gave me, that was really helpful.”



“Allison did an excellent job at making me feel safe and comfortable.”

“Your team guided me through the whole process, and they made it really fun. I feel awesome. I feel super energized and empowered. It was a really wonderful experience.”



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Custom Image Retouching

Professional Hair & Makeup Styling

Private Image Reveal

Posing Guidance for EVERY Body Type

Access to Our Luxury Studio

Wardrobe Prep & Consultation



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Schedule Your Consultation

It’s essential for Allison to connect with every client on a personal level, and she wants to ensure all of your questions are answered. This is your chance to get every detail about your special day while ensuring Allison knows everything necessary to make this the photoshoot of your dreams.

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Your Boudoir Session

Leading up to your photoshoot, we’ll have a one-on-one expert wardrobe consultation to advise you on your outfits and share all the information you need to prep properly.


After being pampered by our esteemed hair and makeup artists, you’ll be led to the first set to officially begin your session. We’ll guide you and demonstrate each pose, from every toe point to each subtle facial expression. 

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Reveal & Ordering

Now is the chance to see your hard work come to life! This is Allison’s favorite part of the process because you get to pick and choose your favorite pictures and finally see yourself in a new light - an unforgettable and irreplaceable feeling that just can’t be matched. 



The most rewarding part of being a boudoir photographer is seeing other women go through the process - preparing, being photographed, selecting the best pictures - and watching their faces light up when they realize how naturally gorgeous and powerful they truly are. It’s truly magical!


These women's powerful emotions during their sessions become priceless reminders of their bravery and power. Most importantly, the feelings of empowerment and confidence live inside them forever, becoming a core part of who they are. 


Peruse these women’s stories, feel what they felt, and read more testimonials below.


" I love all of the direction Allison provided!"

“I had never done a boudoir shoot before.  I felt hesitant at first because I am at times insecure about my weight gain over the years.  I decided to do it to help me love and embrace the body I have now.  Doing this shoot and seeing myself definitely boosted my confidence and contributed to the building of my love for self.”



"I had a phenomenal experience."

"The make-up and hair artist did an exceptional job as well. I had such a good time with Allison. She made me feel very comfortable and confident. I have already recommended her to my friend and family."



“Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish!”

"Allison is so kind and supportive and made me feel comfortable the entire time :) My photos are so elegant and beautiful and I will cherish them and my time with RB forever! If you are thinking of getting any boudoir images done I strongly encourage that you work with the talented Allison!"



"Allison made this experience absolutely amazing!"

"I was really nervous going in and I ended up laughing and having a blast the entire time! It is the funnest experience ever in my life and I recommend every girl should do this. Not just for your husband or boyfriend, but for yourself!"


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Hi, I’m Allison! I’m a professional photographer here in Los Angeles. Not in L.A.? No worries - I also travel and also offer special packages so that you can take that trip you’ve always wanted to take to Los Angeles and do your luxury boudoir session! 


I specialize in photographing real women: mothers, sisters, wives, friends, professionals, students, homemakers… You name it. The birth of my first son, which took place at home, radically changed my perception of ALL women. We are so incredibly powerful, but sadly many of us have become blinded to that truth.


The work I do with my clients changes their lives. I care about people, and I care about how people are affected by society. As women, we’re bombarded daily with messages about looks, aesthetics, and everything we should change about ourselves to fit societal expectations.


The women I work with finally feel what it’s like to reclaim their bodies, sexuality, and sensuality so they can finally feel beautiful, sexy, and confident like never before.


Seeing this profound, emotional change is worth EVERYTHING to me!

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Fill out the form below and schedule your complimentary consultation with me!
Not a fan of forms? No problem. You can contact me anytime at
Or call me at (310) 879-1521

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We’d love to have you, beautiful! 🤎

This is our V.I.P. boudoir group for all things Reclamation Boudoir! This is a safe space full of positive, affirming content with a group of women who lift each other up in the best ways. 

As a V.I.P., you’ll be the first to hear about exclusive news, specials, and giveaways from Allison that you CAN’T find anywhere else!

We’re excited to get to know you as you find your place amongst past, present, and future Reclamation Boudoir clients. Welcome to the V.I.P. life!


"I'm so awkward in front of the camera! How will I know what to do?"

One of my favorite things to hear clients say is that I made them feel safe and comfortable. Whether you’re reflecting on an amazing session or fondly looking at a gorgeous photo of yourself in that lingerie set - neither is possible without feeling safe. 


I also have a fabulous posing system and will walk you through every pose, including what to do with your hands and feet and even what facial expressions to make. Not having to figure out what to do will help you get your body into a space where you’re feeling your best. You don’t have to do anything else but show up, be pampered, and have fun!

"What about retouching? Are these photos retouched?"

Professional retouching is included with ALL purchases. Many clients choose light skin smoothing and make minor requests to improve their overall portraits. Some clients want more than a light touch-up; others want nothing. Retouching is personal. I think of it as the digital equivalent of makeup.


Some days I wear makeup, and sometimes I don’t, but whether or not I wear makeup has nothing to do with how I feel about myself. I think the same way when it comes to photography. These photos are for YOU - nobody else - so you deserve to have your photos done with the aesthetic YOU like. While I won’t alter you beyond recognition, I’m always happy to discuss what kind of retouching you have in mind.

"Do I have to do my own hair and makeup?"

Nope! I wouldn’t leave you hangin’. I have a fabulous hair and makeup artist who will get you glammed up before your shoot. Or, if you prefer a blowout to hot styling, I offer a complimentary blowout at a salon 5 minutes from my studio in Santa Monica. 

"I'd really like to tone up before my boudoir session?"

I appreciate this and respect that you want to look your best for your photoshoot. Sure, being in a consistent workout routine feels AMAZING. Still, I can guarantee that specific lighting and my professional posing guidance will change your photos more than three months of working out.


I encourage working out because it’s good for the body overall, but don’t let your desire to establish a workout routine hold you back from doing the photoshoot YOU want to do. This is the ultimate appreciation of the body you have NOW. Take the leap - do the photoshoot now - you’ll be so thrilled that you didn’t wait.

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