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5 Reasons You Really Should Do A Maternity Photoshoot

A socially distant way to celebrate.  

I know, I’m so over this term too, I almost didn’t use it.  Whether you’re experiencing becoming a mother for the first time, or you are expanding the family you already have, the extremes to which this is a tough time to be pregnant cannot be understated.  There are so many different options for pregnancy shoots that it is absolutely possible to adjust it to fit almost all comfort levels during this time.  From a sprawling landscape with vegetation glowing during golden hour, to a timeless black and white indoor studio session, or a private backdrop set up in your backyard, your photographer can make sure to set up a maternity shoot that captures what you are hoping in the setting that works best for you.

It’s a break from feeling SO pregnant.  

At around 32 weeks, I became extremely lethargic.  And by the time I was 36 weeks- when many photographers will say is around when you should take photos - I had put on nearly 40 pounds, was exhausted after standing for 5 minutes, and just wanted to relax.  Do hair and makeup and then stand for a photo shoot? Get me a couch and a dark chocolate bar.  Getting ready for a photo shoot felt like work- so I didn’t do it.  I had a dear friend who is a photographer talk me into it, and I didn’t even wash my super greasy hair.  And as soon he started shooting, I regretted it.  I will be forever grateful that he took the photos, but I really wish I would have given myself the opportunity to feel beautiful. Late pregnancy can feel pretty miserable - but you’ll feel  amazing in a really unique and special way during your shoot.

Keepsake to pass on to your child.  

I remember when I was about 3 and I saw a couple of photos of my mom pregnant with me and I was so excited! I loved looking at them, knowing that that was me in her belly.  There are a total of 3 photos of my mother pregnant with me. Three. Of course today we will all have more than that, though chances are they are only cell phone pictures.  Some mamas will take a photo multiple times a week, or if you’re like me, about 25 in total.  Photos taken with a professional will stand out from the rest.  The light and shadows will be just right, will advise on wardrobe, guide you through posing, and create what you hope to capture so you can treasure it forever, and pass that on to your child. 

It IS different than a nice cellphone pic.  

We know the lighting.  We know the angles. The experience just cannot be compared to a series of selfies or cellphone snapshots by a friend.  During a maternity shoot, you can relax, feel confident, really enjoy the experience and just be and feel like the truly spectacular and beautiful, life bearing, glowing being that you are because you know that we are dealing with all of the creative and technical aspects for you.  Through this collaboration, we distill it all into not just beautiful, but deeply personal photographs.

A professional photographer who specializes in maternity photoshoots can do this all in a way others simply can’t. If you’re lucky, you have a fabulous photographer who is a mother herself who can connect with the power of creation that you literally embody- and that will translate in your photos.  And if you work with somebody whose images are high enough quality, they will be able to guide you in selecting physical albums that you can flip through with your child, or tuck away for a nostalgic walk down memory lane. 

You deserve it.

It’s cliche but it’s the truth.  Yes pregnancy is a blessing and of course the gift is the child.  But it is also a rite of passage for the birthing person.  Becoming a mother is the beginning of an eternity of decisions that will often require a very high degree of selflessness.  As a result, I learn, forget, and am reminded that sometimes, I have to put myself first.   With so many new responsibilities and expenses on the horizon, especially during these Corona times, it can feel really indulgent to be photographed.  Or difficult to find time for. Both of those felt real to me.  And I was just so tired I didn’t want to physically do it.  Looking back, I can say with certainty - you deserve it.  I deserved it.  If celebrating and capturing this absolutely fleeting experience is something that we want- we deserve it.


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